The croissant is the Queen among pastries, and I will not hear otherwise. Yet, until now I can honestly say I’ve never seen one made before – they’ve always just appeared before me, ready to go.

Obviously, they’re not making themselves. It’s people like Luigi Stivaletta, Head Of Baking And Patiserrie at TAFE NSW, who not only holds croissant-baking wisdom but who imparts it upon students so they too can bake delicious goods for people like me. Where can budding pastry chefs practice their art? Not just in a bakery, according to Luigi.

“Hotels, local patisseries, bakeries, cafes, quality control, testing of products as well. There’s a whole range of places that you could possibly work”.

Luigi was kind enough to let us in on a few secrets of baking croissants like a pro, which you can feast your eyes on below.