Jewellery: we all wear it, well nearly all of us. Personally, I deck myself out, particularly in rings because, why not? What most of us don’t know though, is how the heck they make it. At least, beyond those beaded or string friendship bracelets you made each other back in primary school.

Luckily there are some people who know very well, and some of those people are willing to teach us newbs how it’s done. One of those people is TAFE NSW Jewellery Teacher, Rebecca Jones, who was kind enough to walk us through how to make a ring from a wax carving. Why the wax carving method?

With wax carving, you can get away with just basic tools for jewellery making so it’s a good technique for people who are just starting out,” Rebecca said.

It’s just one of the many traditional techniques of hand making jewellery that all the jewellery courses at TAFE NSW teach students. Imagine being able to bling up in your own designs? TAFE NSW is the only place in NSW you can learn the craft.

Check out the full method below:

Image: Instagram / [@lucyhale]