There are times when our fine cuisine confuses the rest of the world. Think of every YouTuber who’s tried Vegemite by the spoonful, or people who lose their shit when they first learn what fairy bread is called.

Now, Americans have discovered Zooper Doopers and they’re losing their minds over the name. Uh-oh.

It all started when one Twitter user asked what people from different countries call four different things. I’ll save you having to answer: shopping trolley, bread roll, chips, and Zooper Doopers. Easy, no?

Not so for the Americans who assumed the rest of the world adheres to their frankly boring naming conventions.

It’s no secret that they call a shopping trolley a shopping cart, or that British people refer to these kinds of chips as crisps. However, when it came to the last picture, people seemed to be more surprised than ever.

One by one, Americans started going berserk in the replies over this staple of canteen food and Aussie summers.

Aussies were quick to defend themselves during the saga. Having grown up with Zooper Doopers, it’s kind of hard to see what’s so strange about the name.

Some Aussies even woke up to the ominous news that Zooper Doopers were trending. Thanks for the scare, Americans and your dastardly time zones.

Luckily, our precious Zooper Doopers are safe, for now.


Image: Facebook / Zooper Dooper ®