Woolies Has Broken Down How Long We’ll Have To Wait For Veg & It’s Bad News For Zucchini Fans

Woolies has released a big ‘ol list of vegetables currently experiencing shortages and RIP my fellow zucchini lovers, it looks like we’re fucked ’til mid July.

Woolworths has given a seasonal update where it basically lays out which fruit and vegetables you’ll be able to get your hands on. Plot twist: not much!

As we all know, prices of fresh fruit and veg are on a steep fkn incline. So this list could be handy — especially if you’re one of those incredibly organised people who actually “meal” “preps” instead of panic-buying frozen lasagne three nights a week.

According to Woolies, as well as zucchini there’ll be shortages of tomatoes, leafy greens like Buk Choy and Pak Choy, spinach, and known bad boys Cos and Iceberg lettuce ’till at least mid-July.

Poor weather conditions are playing a big role in these shortages. Woolies said lettuce and spinach were being badly impacted due to heavy rains in the growing regions, while tomatoes were impacted by the cool weather.

Fuck my salads I guess.

Other vegetables on the list are broccoli and the delightfully-named broccolini, much to the joy of 12-year-olds around the country I’m sure. They should be back in July, while spring onions are going to be hard to find for at least four weeks.

Green beans, the friendly grandmother of the veggie world, will hopefully see increases by the end of July.

In a real kick in the teeth for any coriander-lovers out there (me included), Woolies’ supply of herbs will be fucked until August.

Poor weather conditions have impacted the supply of our range fresh herbs and their availability instore and online, but we’re expecting this to improve from August onwards,” Woolies said on its website. 

Maybe this is the final inspiration I need to try and keep a basil plant alive?

Finally, some fruits are affected too: namely berries (which are already extortionately expensive) and grapes. Both should be back from mid-July.

Woolies’ general manager of fruit and veg Paul Turner told Yahoo News it’d take a hot sec for stock to return to its normal levels.

We’re still seeing challenges with lettuce and berry supply so while the new crops have been planted, it will take a few weeks for stocks to return to more stable levels,” he said. 

Luckily there are some crops absolutely thriving. Go legends.

According to Woolies, Navel oranges, Pink Lady apples (the actual icons of the apple world), Packham pears and Kent pumpkins are all absolutely thriving.

Pumpkin soup for dinner until August? There are worse ways to live.