After 40 Years Of Truly Borked Creations, The Legendary AWW Birthday Cake Book Is Returning

It’s been a whole 40 years since the iconic Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book graced just about every bookshelf in Australia, featuring its pages filled with those classic cakes we’ve all asked for at some point in our childhoods. The jelly pool, the footy field, the duck with a ruffle chippy beak, the dump truck, the TRAIN. All icons, all the time. And now it’s coming back to shops really soon.

The Women’s Weekly team have announced they’re releasing the classic Aussie cookbook once again to celebrate its 40th birthday (which definitely isn’t too old to have a Humpty Dumpty cake) bringing the heavy nostalgia and perfectly-terrible cakes to a whole new generation of Aussies.

I’ve been on a long quest to find my own copy of the birthday cake book, parking myself in at every secondhand bookstore and op shop I come across just to try and spy that classic book cover. I’m pretty sure my mum still has her original copy from forever ago, and now I can just go and bloody buy my own when they drop later this month.

You won’t have to search high and low for the perfect slice of Australiana baking history, because the Women’s Weekly cult fave will be available at supermarkets and newsagents from August 17, and you’ll be able to spot it in bookstores from August 18. It’ll set you back a very sweet $19.99, which is damn cheap for the sheer number of perfectly-imperfect cakes you can bork up for future birthdays, special occasions, and bored Sunday bakes.

If you’re quick, Booktopia also has it on preorder at the moment, too.

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I’m so ready for bulk Cursed Duck cakes to come out of this.

Honestly, this is the perfect time for such a legendary piece of Aussie baking history to be re-released. Those of us in Melbourne are currently staring down another six weeks of Staying Inside All The Time, the reissue of the AWW Birthday Cake Book is an extremely good opportunity to finesse some cake-baking skills (and stop ourselves from losing it entirely.)