Time To Get Piss Fit Again Because Wine Island Is Returning To Sydney Harbour Next Year

wine island sydney harbour 2022

Wine Island – the long weekend that sees an island in Sydney Harbour transform into a juicy, booze-filled escape from the rat race – is back on again after a long pandemmy hibernation. Yet more proof that nature is healing and the echoes of people woo-ing will once again be heard across the harbour. Ahh, a return to form.

For three days in March, Clark Island – just off the tip of Darling Point – will host a whole bevvy of wineries from around Australia and the world. Alongside the delicious sips, Wine Island will have smorgasbord of yum gourmet food, music, masterclasses, and a silent disco for the beautiful moment when you’ve had a couple of tipples and you’re ready to lean into the boogie.

Wineries and winemakers like Dal Zotto, Tulloch Wines, Chateau Tanuda, Hungerford Hill, Nepenthe, Silent Noise, and Kirrihill Wines will be sloshing out their best plonk, and will be joined by some non-wine legends for next year’s event.

For those of us who can only do a couple of wines before feeling a bit too giddy, or just want to be a good pal to your wine-mom friends, there will also be offerings from 4 Pines Brewery, Archie Rose Gin, and Grainshaker Vodka, to name but a few.

On Wine Island you’ll also find frosé and prosé – which I assume is frozen prosecco? Sign me the fuck up on that.

In terms of food, because lord knows you’ll need something to balance things out after bending the elbow in the autumn sun, delicious snackies from Olio Kensington Street, BL Burgers, Artisan Cheese Room, Joey’s Lobsters, and East 33 Oyster Bar will be on offer.

There’s plenty for you to get your mouth around, and you could even cobble together a bit of a fancy picnic situation with a gorgeous view of the Sydney city skyline, if you play your cards right and nab a spot on the grass quick smart.

Tickets for Wine Island are available over on the festival’s website, with two sessions running each day over March 18-20, and your entry into the island will also get you a free cocktail on the ferry ride over, as well as five wine tastings once you’re on the island.

Truly love to see it, and by “it” I absolutely mean people chucking on nice sundresses and leaning right back into their Wine Mom aesthetic for the warming months.