We Don’t Know How We Feel About This, But ‘Wine Gin’ Is A Thing

It’s a global craze to take a standard alcoholic substance and infuse it with some weird thing. And it seems that gin is the most popular liquor to go to town on – I guess those botanicals really lend themselves to complementary flavours? The latest hybrid dominating the internet – wine gin.

[jwplayer OON70Pgm]

Chapel Down, a UK-based wine company, are claiming to have invented the concept with their Pinot Noir gin.

The pink gin was distilled with pinot noir grapeskins from their harvest, then blended with English wheat spirit. This resulted in “a highly aromatic gin with delicate aromas of red berries, perfectly balanced with a juniper led palate and citrus finish.” Which basically just sounds like “yum things” to me, the non-gin-knower.

The Chapel Down gin is currently only available in the UK, but if you want to make your UK-based mates order it and trial it over Skype for you, it’ll set them back $65AUD.

HOWEVER, in excellent news I’ve been informed that Four Pillars make a Shiraz-infused gin and have done so for ages – since 2015, in fact – which IS available in Oz.

Bloody Shiraz Gin, $85

It’s currently sold out online but there you fucken go. This one is steeped with actual grapes?? So maybe Chapel Down DID invent the skins of grapes infusing the gin or whatever… IDK guys, this gin business is confusing to me and I just wanted to let you know if you like wine and gin, you can get wine gin! Let’s ignore the specifics! WINE GIN! It’s real!