WIN: Tell Us About Your Spending Habits & A $250 Uber Eats Voucher Might Boop You On The Nose

Uber Eats Voucher

Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves?

Who doesn’t love to talk about themselves and win a $250 Uber Eats voucher? Psychos and Geminis, that’s who.

I jest of course, I don’t know the first thing about star signs but I love to pile on people when it’s trendy and Geminis, I’m sorry to say, are the butt of the joke this month.

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The point is, if you love to talk about what you spend your money on and who you bank with, you could get 250 bucks worth of free Uber Eats grub. That’s a solid feed, no one can debate that.

This show is severely underrated

That’s really all there is to it. The survey will consume less than five minutes of your day and at the end, you might be able to win $250 worth of food to consume in one sitting. Treat yourself, you know what I mean? Buy 250 $1 hamburgers from Macca’s when they do those hamburger sales.

Or, if you want to feel like an inheritance baby, buy one serving of something from Chin Chins. It’s expensive as hell but so, so worth it.

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