PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Oporto to save you from a hangry outburst. Their immense Deluxe Feed is crammed with two Double Bondi Burgers®, half a Flame Grilled Portuguese Chicken, XL chips, two pita breads and two sauces. If that doesn't satisfy you then there's no hope. Find out how to win a month's worth of Oporto below.

There’s something incredibly comforting about knowing you’ll be copping free meals for a month – it means you can syphon the money you save on food into other, more serious ventures, like trying to win that bloody fish from the claw machine even though you’ve been trying for months and people are starting to get suss about a man in his mid-20’s spending so much time at a children’s gaming centre on a Wednesday afternoon.

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I digress. Purveyors of crazy addictive, flame-grilled chicky goodness Oporto are running a comp to shout you a month’s worth of their Portuguese cuisine. Obrigado, Oporto. (That’s “thank you” in Portuguese because you know, I’m cultured and have easy access to Google Translate.)

If that sounds like heaven on a (free) plate, tell us in 25 words or less, what’s your go-to Oporto meal and why.


In case you need even more of a reason to enter, lemme just remind you that Oporto is serving up Portuguese Loaded Chips, complete with spicy chicken bolas, chilli and cheese sauce as well as crispy bits o’ bacon chucked right on top. Feeling even more adventurous? Go for one of their meal boxes like the Bondi Chicken Box or the Loaded Feed.

Suss out your nearest restaurant here and pray that you’ll soon be chowing down on a month’s worth of flame-grilled chicky-chick.

Image: Supplied