PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with UNCLE TOBYS Oats to get you experiencing the best of the best.

If you’re a good little adult, you eat your brekkie every morning without fail. Start yourself off with some nutrition, you know? Except the thing is, I’m pretty awful at remembering to wake up early enough to get some tucker first thing in the morning (and tbh I have no intention of waking up earlier).

So when it comes to getting some morning munches, I need to either grab something on the go, or just go without. And your girl cannot go without food for too long, lest you want to unleash a veritable beast. This is for your own safety, trust me.

Hangriness is a real thing, and sometimes you just need to get yourself together, eat a whole bunch of food, and get outta dodge for a bit in order to cure it. So it’s a damn good thing that you can score this lil’ triparoo.

Yep, you get a sweet $5000 to put towards a cheeky vacay around Oz. Feel like surfing on the Gold Coast? Grabbing some sushi in Melbourne? Hiking up in a rainforest near Cairns? Absolutely mate, done.

All you’ve gotta do to win is grab yourself a pack of UNCLE TOBYS Oats brand new Breakfast Bakes (find ’em in Coles and IGA breakfast aisles) and get snap happy with them – with all your best angles, naturally – but you gotta take it someplace… weird.

We’re talking out of the box – as long as you’re outside living it up! Maybe you’re at the top of a lighthouse, or surrounded by butterflies somewhere. Maybe you’re off on an early morning hike (credit to you mate, I couldn’t do it) and needed to stop for some brekkie. Just take something fun.

Chuck up your sassy snap on Instagram with the hashtag #breakfastbakes (and don’t forget to tag @uncletobys) and you, you lucky little duckling, could be well on your way to living it up on vacay, eating AS MUCH brekkie as your heart desires.

Not a bad break, if you ask me.

Image: Instagram / @mingey