Will Smith Attempted To Eat An Aussie Meat Pie & Nearly Torched His Face Off

Other than magpie swooping vids and dash cam road rage footage, watching clips of Americans trying Australian food for the first time is among the finest of our dearly held Antipodean traditions. And it only gets more enjoyable the more notable the American is.

In the grand history of that fine Vegemite-choking tradition, none are more notable than Will Smith, who now joins our storied pastime thanks to his recent trip to our fine Australian shores, and one scalding hot Four N Twenty meat pie.

For those not in the know, The Fresh Prince has, at some point recently, decided to get onto the big big world wide web via both an Instagram and a YouTube account.

Frankly, both of ’em fucken rule.

Though he’s probably got a team behind it, Smith’s nevertheless been pumping out incredibly good content that – while there are some extremely Dad areas – shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Case in point: His trip Down Under.

We all know Will Smith was kicking around the traps throughout January, swanning around the Australian Open and showing up on various commercial network panel programs. But while he was doing that, he was also filming his own gear. And his own gear owns.

Releasing a vlog centred on his time in Melbourne earlier this morning, Smith got about some of the more famous and notable street art throughout the city – including the Keith Haring mural in Collingwood, which means there’s an intensely small chance he snuck into The Tote afterwards and got wild which is insane to me.

But nonetheless, while his musing about Melbourne’s street art is good, you’re really only hear to watch Will By-God Smith absolutely scorch his face on a napalm-hot rat coffin, aren’t you.

Ask and ye shall receive (at 1:12 in).

God bless the kind soul who taught him the open-mouth blowing technique for cooling down molten-lava pie filling while chewing it.

But good lord, Will. That pie has been in the warmer for god knows how long. It’s thermo-nuclear.

Always blow on the pie, Will.


Always blow on it. Safer communities together.