Hold Onto Yr Pigtails ‘Cos US Fast Food Chain Wendy’s Is Officially Opening In Australia

wendy's australia

Hold onto your bright red pigtails and blue ribbons because a hot new bombshell is entering the villa (Australia), and her name is Wendy (53). Yes friends, Wendy’s is coming to the land down under and I can already feel the collective brain freeze we’re gonna get from those super icy thickshakes.

Despite having more than 7,000 stores across the world, Wendy’s has never stepped foot on Aussie soil. Sure there’s been a pop-up every now and then but who actually goes to those things when the Macca’s drive-thru is so inviting?

Aussie franchising firm DC Strategy (which has a name that sounds like something the Justice League would launch, despite its main office being in Sydney’s Darlinghurst) secured its partnership with Wendy’s this week.

Now it’s looking to spread the store all over the country. Finally, we get more solid burger options to choose from. There are only so many times I can cry bite into a Whopper.

“The Wendy’s Company is looking for world-class, experienced franchise partners with strong operations experience and a proven track record for growing brands in Australia,” the DC Strategists said in a press release.

“The brand is also focused on building long-term relationships with partners who share Wendy’s values, commitment to quality, and passion for fast food done the right way.”

If you’d like to operate a Wendy’s outlet, costs will be starting at *checks notes* $1 billion.

Apart from gaining internet clout with a presence that can only be described as “terminally online corporation“, Wendy’s is also popular for their burgs, fries, super frosty thickshakes, baked potatoes and chilli con carne.

Finally, I can drive my way to a fast food restaurant on the left side of the road, grab myself a hot fucking potato and drizzle it in chilli con carne. Yes, I will spill beans on the passenger seat. No, I will regret nothing.

I, for one, welcome our red-headed overlord to this country. May the burg meat be ever-juicy and the thickshakes actually be as good as Americans say they are.

There’s no word just yet as to where the first Aussie Wendy’s will be, but I’m praying it’s in Sydney.