Why The Fuck Did We All Do This Bread Ball Thing?

Behold! The bread ball.

I feel like everyone did the same weird food things as a kid, such as mixing their ice cream until it turned to slush, or dipping french fries into a sundae. But one thing I didn’t realise everyone did was taking the crusts off a manky-ass piece of white bread and squishing it into a little ball before eating it. I thought I was the only one until I brought up with the rest of the PEDESTRIAN.TV editorial team, and most confessed they had done it too.

It’s one of those we all did, but no one ever talked about it. I’ve never had a conversation as a kid where someone said: “Hey guys, anyone else turn bread into a gross ball?” But we somehow all just collectively decided that ball-bread-taste-good.

So why did we all do it? And also why did it low-key taste WAY better than a slice of bread on it’s own?

To rediscover why they are so good, I decided to make one.

I started with some stanky white bread (the worst kind of bread). I personally haven’t touched white bread since 2012. Call me a prude, but I’m all about that multigrain.

And importantly I took the crusts off, because otherwise the ball won’t be completely ~smooth~.

Then I rolled it into a ball.

I decided that one piece of bread wasn’t good enough, so I added another slice. And behold! The perfect bread ball.

I can definitely see why we all made one as a kid, it’s so freakin’ fun. I feel like I’m playing with play-doh. But the true test, of course, is whether this bread ball sack actually tastes good.

Verdict: it actually tastes nice, and like I said, I don’t eat white bread. BUT I think we could make it even better. For example, putting Nutella on the bread first, and then turning it into a ball. Then when you take a bite, you’d be met with delightful layers of choc hazelnut goodness. Alternatively you could use butter and cinnamon sugar, and make your own shitty version of a cinnamon bun. The possibilities are endless.

Who said playing with food was gross?