The technological utopia that I anticipated living in by now when I was a child included ubiquitous hover technology and densely populated orbital space habitats. We did not get this future. Instead, we got phones that are a bit smaller and a lot more expensive, and the Toyota Prius. Few things have given me cause to experience open-mouthed wonder at the incredible transformative leaps we have made in technology. The things that have, surprisingly, have been largely related to treats.

10 years ago, most experts* would have told you that it was flat-out impossible to put chips or biscuits in a block of chocolate. It turns out those experts* could not have been more wrong. These so-called ‘experts’* would also have told you that you cannot put a biscuit into a milk. Those fools. Those gentle, naive fools.

Back in April, Arnotts and Dairy Farmers shook the scientific community with the announcement of a groundbreaking collab in which they would release Iced Vovo and Mint Slice flavoured milks. But the madness did not stop there, it turns out, with the duo today announcing the forthcoming arrival of flavoured milks infused with the spirit of Wagon Wheels and Caramel Crowns.

According to, these veritable flavour titans will be hitting shelves in “Coles, selected independent retailers, 7- Elevens and petrol and convenience outlets” around Australia from November 4th — just in time to enjoy a weather-appropriate beach milk.

Image: Dairy Farmers.