If you’re the type who is getting through this year with a healthy pour or two, then the gang over at Mama’s Boy Wine should probably be on your radar. They’ve been selling two-litre flagons of red wine, called Vino Quarantino, on and off for most of this year and have another run of stock ready for delivery to your doorstep.

Vino Quarantino is a blend of a couple of vegan-friendly Cabernet Sauvignons from the Mama’s Boy Wine and Somerset Crossing Winery stocks, siphoned into big ol’ bottles, and then delivered safely to purveyors of fine (and cheap) plonk for a very good price.

The big boy bottles will set you back $28 each, or two for $50 if you’re keen to stock up for a while. And with the Stage 4 restrictions on down here in Melbourne, they’re basically just selling out all the stock they have, so orders are running until they run out. I’m hoping they’ll restock again when they’re able to, but at this rate, who knows when that’ll be.

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Order today to guarantee delivery in time for the weekend ✨

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Vino Quarantino was a Melbourne-only thing for a long while, but they’ve now set up delivery for the rest of Australia, so you can also have a big pour of plonk whether you’re in quarantine or not.

Why the heck not, it’s helping to keep a couple of small Aussie businesses chugging along through the pandemic shutdowns. You’re essentially doing a civil service by buying a couple of big-ass bottles of wine.

The flagons of red are able to be cellared as well if you want to keep a bottle as a bit of a nod to us all getting through The Weirdest Year, and can be opened sometime in the future. The winemakers reckon you can store these for 2-3 years if you keep them in proper cellaring conditions (in a cool, dark place with a fairly consistent temperature).

But if you want to rip the scab off one right now, you’re best to polish it off within a week (with some help, if possible). Otherwise, you’re going to end up with a lot of cooking wine on your hands.

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A shmood ????

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Cop yourself a flagon (which is pretty much a generous step up from a goon bag) over on the Vino Quarantino site, and here’s cheers to another couple of weeks inside.

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