After well over 90 years of being Australia‘s most-loved (but also most divisive) spread, Vegemite has developed and launched a gluten-free version that has been given the big tick of approval from Coeliac Australia.

The deliciously salty by-product of the beer brewing process has not been FODMAP-friendly because of the extracts from barley and wheat in its ingredients, but the Vegemite team have somehow managed to create an alternative that they say still tastes like the original.

Can we just take a quick moment to appreciate and be slightly horrified at how thick that Vegemite is spread on that toast there? Good lord. I mean the best way to eat Vegemite toast is to slather a metric fuckload of butter on before a healthy swipe of the delicious black stuff.

Also, it’s only recently become known to me, a person who has eaten Vegemite for plenty of years, that you can actually use this stuff for heaps of other recipes. It makes for really good veggie stock, you can pop it in your spaghetti dinner, stir it through your cob loaf dip (a fave), make it into ice cream (???), smear it on your face, paint a nice portrait of your dog, put a delightful stain on your back decking, whatever you like.

Anyway this new inclusion to the Vegemite family – which unfortunately still includes that weird cousin Cheebsybite, who changed his name from iSnack 2.0 after relentless bullying – is said to be in stores this week, so text all your gluten-sensitive pals and buy them a jar for their birthday, Christmas, anniversary, housewarming, or literally any other major life event. This is something worth celebrating.

Image: Getty Images / Graham Denholm