Yep, Vegemite & Cheese Shapes Are Legit And Here’s The Ad To Prove It

After mysteriously appearing on Coles‘s online store with no explanation, Arnott‘s has finally confirmed that Vegemite & Cheese Shapes are indeed coming via an ad shown during Channel 7‘s cricket coverage.

[jwplayer xs5x3l7T]

The ad ponders the merits of an Aussie legend and stars a whole bunch of them, including Olympian, Cathy Freeman, cricket legend, Glenn McGrath, actor and director, Shane Jacobson, and swimmer, Giaan Rooney.

The idea is that this new Shapes flavour is the newest Aussie legend, which is a big bloody call if you ask me. Then again, I’m yet to try them, so who knows.

Have a gander at the ad for yourself below.

I can’t find the new flavour on the Coles or Woolworths websites at the time of writing, so I’m not sure when you can expect to pick up a box, but I’d wager they aren’t far off.

Vegemite and Cheese Shapes make sense when you think about. The combination works on toast, so it would absolutely work in a biscuit, which is essentially just small toast.

At least we have confirmation now.