Sometimes smushing two things together that absolutely should not work under any circumstances whatsoever yields great results. Sometimes.

This is, astonishingly, one of those times.

Boost Juice – that juice bar that will 100% save you from a debilitating hangover while wandering around the shops – have launched the Vegemite Boost smoothie today as part of their limited Aussie Milk Bar range, taking beloved treats and turning them into a liquid. Like drinkable Cookies & Cream or Rocky Road. Also, think delicious yeast-based toast spread with chocolate and banana (?) in drink form. Yum, right? Right???

Essentially this but Vegemite and anything sweet. (Photo: FOX.)

The smoothie itself is surprisingly tasty. Yes, I drank one. Featuring chocolate, banana, dates, and vanilla yoghurt with a smidge of Vegemite – the yeasty breakfast spread adds a yummy malty flavour to an otherwise stock-standard choc-banana ordeal.

As someone who legit hates banana with every ounce of her existence, the banana flavour profile doesn’t really come through too strongly. Getting that potassium hit without feeling like I’m going to puke? A rare and beautiful occurrence.

The Vegemite Boost smoothies aren’t around for long, so go and try one out before July 1st at your local, if you’re daring. Thank me later.

Image: Supplied