Gaze In Terror At This Clip Of Some Woman Dunking Her Chicken Tendies In Coke

I’m not here to tell you how to go about your day. Whatever it is that gets you through the daylight hours and safely into bed is, for the most part, your business and your business alone. What I will say, however, is that if at any time you’re captured on live TV dunking fried chicken into ice cold soda then I am calling the cops and I am demanding that they throw you in jail for life. It is the only right and just reaction.

[jwplayer ZheLHs4G]

Footage of an unnamed woman attending the currently on-going US Open has sent culinary palates into meltdown after it clearly showed her dunking her piping hot chicken fingers directly into an ice cold glass of cola.

There is no question about it either. This shameful and disrespectful act was caught clear-as-day on camera.

Such incredible disrespect for the tendies. Such inglorious treatment of the chook.

It gets worse when the entire scene is broken down. A son, enfeebled, and trapped at a full day’s play of tennis, sips heartily from a bottle of water.

Mum, conversely, submerges an innocent tendie in the sugary drink like she’s torturing it for information.

There’s nothing wrong with the cold/hot combination – a piping hot fry dipping into a icy milkshake is about as holy a food experience as you can get.

But to put the chook into cola? Buddy, that shit ain’t right.

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