UK Woman Fights For Justice After Being Served Pub Meal With Only 6 Chips

Heroes aren’t always the ones wearing capes, greeting the media, accepting the plaudits. True heroes are the ones willing to stand up for what’s right. And folks, make no mistake about it, this is right as hell.

A woman in the UK – a pioneer, a true trail blazer of our time – is seeking swift and merciless justice after she was served a meal of fish & chips at a pub that contained precisely six chips.

Six chips.

No more, no less.

53-year-old Tina Doherty stopped by the Jolly Miller pub in Liverpool with a group of friends after a night out bowling. The pub, on this night, was offering a two-for-£10 deal on a select number of dishes on their menu. Doherty and her mate were keen to get heavily involved in this – who doesn’t love a cheap feed, after all – and ordered the fish & chips from the board.

Unfortunately for Tina, the pub decided to not only take her money, but the piss as well.

When her order arrived, this sorry plate containing a mere six chips was what she was greeted with.

And let’s be real here, that is *barely* six chips. It’s 5.5 at the extreme, generous most.

Sure, the pub apologised to Tina after she raised the issue and sure, they have subsequently offered a free meal in return. But it’s small injustices like this that can give way to much larger ones if you let them slide. One minute it’s an unacceptably small portion of chips on your plate, the next it’s ditching burger buns in favour of square white bread. The next thing you know, they’re watering down the house scotch and charging pint prices for schooners. What then? Taking Ryan Adams out of the jukebox and replacing it with BRYAN Adams? That’s how wars start.

Doherty forwarded the offending photo on to her husband who immediately backed her bold – some might say radical – stance.

My wife isn’t the type of person to make a fuss or complain, but I immediately said to her that I would have sent that back and said ‘I think you have forgotten to put some chips on my plate.’

It is basically five and a half chips and the other meals were the same, I think they had one portion split between four. I don’t know how anyone could justify or explain that as a portion of chips. It looks like a toddler’s meal and even they would be able to polish off more than five chips.

Though townspeople would’ve been right to take up arms at this latest capitalist swipe at the common man, it does have a happy resolution.

A spokesperson for the pub issued a statement on the matter, confirming the meagre portion was not up to scratch.

The portion size of chips shown doesn’t meet our guidelines and we are very sorry for any dissatisfaction caused. We’d love to invite the guest back into the restaurant for a complimentary meal.

See? Sometimes a hero’s victory isn’t public accolades and medals. Sometimes it’s a salty, greasy, mountainous meal that they paid fucken nothing for.