There’s A Cinnamon Coke Available Only In The UK That’ll Spice Yr Fizz Up

Bloody hell it’s nearly Christmas. It’s just over two months away. When the hell did that happen. Regardless, it’s happening whether any of us are ready for it or not, and brands have already begun their festive promotion by drip-feeding out their limited-time only seasonal products. Including, funnily enough, Coke.

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Coca Cola‘s UK arm has gifted unto our monarchical motherland a rather curious Yuletide treat: Cinnamon Coke.

As in, regular old Coke, but with a buttload of Cinnamon in it.

A flavour variant of the company’s Coke Zero Sugar range, the Cinnamon version has already hit shelves across Great Britain just in time for the weather to go full bung.

We’re not kidding either. It’s real. It exists. People are already buying it.

The flavour is being stocked in the UK from now until the end of the year, and Coke’s official announcement of the flavour extols its virtues as “a drink full of festive flavour” that was “launched in response to consumers’ love of the flavour.”

The new cinnamon flavour sits alongside the four other flavour variants in the UK’s Coke Zero Sugar line: original, peach, cherry, and vanilla.

This one, quite easily, is clearly the spiciest of the lot.

What will the added cinnamon do to the flavour profile of your average bottle of Coke? Hard to say. And sadly for punters here in Australia, you’ll have to fly over to England in order to get your hands on a bottle and find out.

The boring few among you keen on this will probably be happy with the drink as is. But the true geniuses out there will clearly use it as a mixer with some Fireball to create the spiciest drink of all!!

Now that’s a spicy meat-a-ball!!!