UDL Cocktails Now Exist If You Wanna Revisit Yr House Party Glory Years With A Sweet Crisp Can

UDL cocktails new flavours released

Though the summer of seltzer might be upon us once again, a tried and true favourite that’s lasted the test of time has blessed us with some new treats. That’s right, two new UDL flavours have been launched and they sound like they’re about to yeet my mouth back to heady house parties of my teen years.

The two new sippers are based on cocktails we all probably confidently ordered the week we turned 18 – Blue Lagoon and Piña Colada – and work in some of the iconic UDL flavours we know and love.

So what does blue lagoon UDL taste like? Blue lemonade, orange and vodka (obviously), which sounds exactly like what I would have asked for in the late 2000s when someone asked me if I wanted a fancy drink from the bar. Maybe it came with a tiny paper parasol and one of those plastic cocktail animals that I used to hoard and cram on my glass as a kid.

Nobody needs an introduction to the piña colada however, but the UDL run at the beloved tropical beveragino features vodka (as all good UDLs do), with pineapple, white rum, and coconut flavours. You have to BYO your wedge of pineapple and crazy straw, though.

Sounds like heaven in a little blue can, honestly.

If you wanna sip the new nectar of the gods, you can grab yourself a four pack of the UDL cocktails from your local grog shop for $19.99 and really take your tastebuds on a holiday.

I dunno about you but I very much just want to be like this legend Nanna knocking back a few frosty UDLs and watching the footy already. Now that’s a woman with taste.