Turns Out The World Is Totally Dumbfounded By Our Tomato Sauce Dispensers

sauce dispensers

Australian ingenuity presents itself when solutions are most desperately needed. While the problem of how to adequately sauce a delicious pastry may not be exclusively Australian, apparently we’re the only ones who’ve found it important enough to address with a revolutionary sauce-delivery system with our little sauce dispensers.

Of course, we speak of every bakery’s ubiquitous, unsung hero: the squeezable tomato sauce packet.

In a post today on the ‘Strayan corner of Reddit, user Youlikeitlikewhat told the nation we’re a beautiful bunch; more importantly, he said these lil’, pocketable pieces of genius are fucking magical. We’re inclined to agree.

They even uploaded a video to, presumably, show the rest of the planet just how chuffed they are about the whole experience.

The discussion in the Reddit thread only enforces the notion that we’ve got it absolutely spot-on here, and the remainder of Earth is blowing it big-time.

Furthermore, did you know we had this shit on lock back in 1990, and the Powerhouse Museum even has tomato sauce dispensers in their collection? Unreal.

If the stories are true, and we’re the first / only nation on the planet to work this one out? Well, get on our level, everyone else.