Tip Top Is Clearly Determined To Piss Off The CWA With This Fkn Delish-Looking Scone Toast

scone toast new product

Don’t tell nan about this blasphemous snack but loaves of Scone Toast have popped up in the bread aisle this week. It’s from the same carb wizards that gave us the cinnamon doughnut bread last year so you just know it’s going to be good.

Tip Top unleashed the latest toast hybrid into Coles and Woolies shops this week. According to online snack sleuths The Grocery Geek, the thick slices have a “slightly sweet flavour” and are “delicious crunchy on the outside when toasted”. Sounds pretty bloody yum to me.

The new toast is apparently inspired by vanilla scones. You can eat it straight out of the bag but when toasted it becomes a perfectly crunchy and chewy snack for afternoon tea. Slop on some cream and jam and you’ve got yourself a perfect little treat.

I mean sure it might not be quite the same as the fresh scones nan would whip up at a moment’s notice but surely it’ll still hit the spot when you’re fiending for a little carby treat with a cuppa on a crisp autumn afternoon.

Not too sure if we’ll see this scone toast pop up on high tea menus anytime soon but it’s also a delicious scone-adjacent snack that you don’t have to get all gussied up (or even go outside) to enjoy.

Hell, you could even splurge on some nice thickened cream to whip and homemade jam from your local CWA and go to town on the scone toast. I probably wouldn’t tell the old ducks about your planned scone sins, though.

You can take home a Tip Top Golden scone loaf for a yummy $5.50 — and if you pop to Coles this week you’ll get it on special for half price. Can’t shy away from trying a new little treatie for less than your morning coffee, honestly.