Someone’s Gone And Made Little Tim Tam Pies In An Air Fryer & This May Be Peak FB Food Hacks

We might just be reaching the peak of experimental home cooking in the age of isolation here because someone in one of those regularly-cursed Facebook groups has dreamt up tiny Tim Tam Pies, and they don’t look too bad? Like I think I could probably have one or two of these and not feel like I’ve immediately hexed my guts.

Posted on the ALDI Air Fryer Recipes FB group, one Leanne Wood shared her recipe for the decadent little parcels which could be put together by even the most novice of cooks.

Does anyone know if Bake Off is coming back to Aus? Because Leanne needs to be on it, I reckon.

With only a couple of ingredients to it, the Tim Tam pies look like little fluffy pockets of gooey chocolate and crumbly bickie, and the potential gamechanger – sticky, sweet strawberry jam. All you need is a square of puff pastry, one (1) Tim Tam, a teaspoon of strawberry jam, and a bit of milk, and you’re set.

Leanne’s teeny Tim Tam pies recipe has you putting a dollop of jam into in the corner of the pastry, pop a Tim Tam on top, add another glob of jam, and wrap it all up like a little parcel or teeny-tiny burrito. Brush the parcel with milk to get a nice little glaze on it and bung it in the air fryer for 12mins at 180ºC.

tim tam pie
Little! Burrito! (Image: Facebook/Leanne Wood)

Doesn’t look too bloody bad if you ask me.

tim tam pie
Oh WTF this looks great. (Image: Facebook/Leanne Wood)

At first, I was a bit suss on the inclusion of strawberry jam in the Tim Tam pies, but I guess it’d end up having a similar flavour profile to Black Forest, right? Maybe if you made it with a dark chocolate Tim Tam the bitterness of that would meld well with the sweetness of the jam. Now that’s something I can get behind I reckon. Someone get me an air fryer stat, I’ve got some experimenting to do.

Leanne also said that these are real yum with ice cream (which I 100% do not doubt) so that’s your little dessert treat for tonight sorted. Bon appétit.