Tim Tam Has Unleashed A Limited Edition Perfume So You Can Smell Like The Yum Snacc You Are

tim tam perfume

Ever huffed a packet of Tim Tams and wished that magic man from the ads would somehow appear and make you smell like that deliciously, chocolatey goodness?

Consider your extremely niche dream fulfilled because Arnott’s has released a heap of limited edition merch for National Tim Tam Day (a very real day and it’s today). And yep, it includes a Tim Tam perfume.

The limited-edition merchandise will only be up for sale for one week — from February 16 to 23 — and includes everything to have a cosy night in with a crisp pack of chocolate snackies.

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There are Tim Tam slippers for you to slide your feet into, keeping your tootsies all warm and snug. They’re a fluffy collab between the choccy bickie and EMU Australia and are made with natural sheepskin and leather so they won’t fall apart after one winter of kicking around.

For all your dunking delights there’s a limited edition mug — a chocolatey-brown sipper that is perfect for all your ceremonial Tim Tam slams. A gorgeous addition to your teetering mug cupboard collection, and something you can warm your hands up on when the weather turns to shit.

But the piece de resistance, the thing we’re all really here for is the Tim Tam perfume. An actual, spritz-on-your-skin fragrance that is based on the scent of a mouth-watering chocolate-coated Tim Tam biscuit.

Created with base notes of real cocoa, caramel and the sweetness of tonka bean, the rare bottles of Tim Tam perfume will straight up make you smell like the yum yum snacc you are. Everyone will probably perk up thinking someone’s cracked open a packet of bickies whenever you enter a room, which is exactly the kind of attention you need and deserve in these trying times.

Bottles of the Tim Tam Eau de Parfum are going for $90 a pop on the Tim Tam online store until February 23 — or you could sort yourself out with all three delicious treats for under $150.