4 New Tim Tam Flavours Are Coming Out Next Week So What Were You Saying About Keto, Karen

It’s always a good day when Tim Tam releases new flavours, because then it’s the only excuse you need to gobble down an entire pack in the name of ‘research’. By that logic, this is the BEST day, because they’ve released four of them.

[jwplayer ZheLHs4G]

Tim Tam is launching three new distinctly Aussie flavours (and one from New Zealand): Murray River Salted Caramel, Sunshine Coast Strawberries & Cream, Gisborne Orange & Dark Choc, and Manuka Honey & Cream. And YES, we know what you’re saying: “But Tim Tam has done salted caramel before, right?” Right! Correct! But this is a) Murray River salted caramel and b) fuck-off delicious, so just take your new treaties and scram.

Tim Tams are going premium, according to both the release and my own personal taste buds. If you want to Tim Tam slam, I would use my professional recommendation to say go with a regular Tim Tam and not these new ones. They’re made to be enjoyed, you know? And enjoyment IN MY PERSONAL OPINION is not getting it down ya gob in three seconds flat. That’s a different kind of delight.

The new flavours will hit stores from next week, and we’ve heard Sydney commuters might be able to get their hands on a free packet in Wynyard station in the next few days.