A TikTok Rabbit Hole Led A Bunch Of People To Discover That Starburst Was Discontinued In Aus

The lolly bowl at your family barbecue just got a whole lot sadder because TikTok has helped uncover a devastating truth. It turns out Starburst was quietly discontinued in Australia. I know, I know: lay out your lolly wrappers in loving memory.

Aussie TikToker and bonafide investigative journalist Nariman Dein posted a TikTok earlier this week positing a conspiracy theory that Starburst had been discontinued.

“Can someone tell me where these lollies went?” Dein said.

“I’ve been looking for them everywhere in Australia… Big W, Coles, whatever.

“These lollies don’t exist.”

She then questioned whether the lollies’ existence was a “Mandela effect”.

“I’m having some conspiracy theory like, did they just stop selling them and no one noticed?” she said.

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And it turns out Dein’s instincts were correct, ‘cos Mars Wrigley — which owns Starburst — has now confirmed the lollies were discontinued Down Under back in June.

The company released a statement in the wake of Dein’s TikTok.

“Our Starburst products are imported from Europe and, like many businesses that are importing products from overseas, the brand has been exposed to supply chain difficulties and rising cost pressures over the last two years,” it said, per ABC.

“After reviewing all the options, we’ve made the difficult decision to discontinue the brand in Australia from June 2022.”

So if you’re lucky the local newsagents might be hoarding a few dusty bags of Starburst Babies but after that, we’re out of luck.

Coles actually stopped stocking the delicious sweet treats back in 2018. It seems we’ve been heading on this doomed, chew-less track for a while now. Never again will I taste the sweet, medicinal juices of a cherry chew — the supreme Starburst flavour.

I think we can all agree that Starburst were some of the most elite lollies to find at the bottom of a post-party goodie bag. Of course, the Chews are the classic but I’d argue that Starburst Snakes were up there with some of the best.

The Starburst Sucks lollipop? I’ll mourn you forever. I can’t believe we failed you like this.

As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, another TikToker reckons Lift has been quietly discontinued too. I can’t believe 2022 is the end of all the best childhood treats.

You know what the worst thing is? All this chat about Starburst has made me massively crave some Starburst. Time to go hunting the local IGA for some stale Starburst Snakes. Wish me luck please.