TikTok Is Discovering The Dupe For Sizzler’s Legendary, Iconic, Awe-Inspiring Cheese Toast

Sizzler: that great bastion of noughties Australian life. Its bright lights, bountiful buffet and most importantly its delectable cheesy toast abandoned our shores for good in 2020. But TikTok has now rediscovered a dupe for that delicious cheese toast and I couldn’t be more grateful.

There have been a number of Sizzler cheese bread hacks before. First there was an absolute corker from the ever trusty Mums Who Cook & Bake Facebook group. We thank them for their service.

Then there was this  stunner of an AirFryer recipe from the aptly named TikToker @airfryerguy.

But a third contender has entered the ring thanks to TikTok just discovering this bread from Coles and Woolworths which allegedly makes the ideal Sizzler cheese toast dupe.

TikToker Dannii Rodgers (@danniirodgers) is not the first to discover this cheesy, bready hack,

“I’ve been told that this pan bread tastes exactly like Sizzler bread. And if you know, you know,” she said.

After taking a deliciously crunchy sounding bite of the bread, she said it “definitely has the same vibe” which honestly is all I need.

@danniirodgers Replying to @Breeahn took me a while to find it (cheers Coles) but definitely approved by me and the baby 🙏🏻 #sizzlerbread #pregnancycravings #pregnantlife #firsttrimestrepregnancy ♬ original sound – Dannii Rodgers

The bread in question is the La Famiglia Kitchen traditional cheesy pan bread — which is available at Coles, Woolies and IGA. I’m not joking when I say my mouth is literally wet with saliva at the thought of that parmesany goodness caressing my lonely tongue.

Commenters on Dannii’s TikTok said that the bread had been a Sizzler-esque staple for a while.

“This has been around for years,” one person said.

“Don’t tell people about pan bread! I don’t want it to sell out,” said someone else. Dear TikTok commenter, I am so sorry. But the world needs to know about this cheesy feat.

Other people recommended adding more parmesan to the cheese toast, and cooking it in an air fryer or sandwich press. All noble and valid suggestions.

I’ve now spent far too long staring at pictures of the Sizzler cheese toast and am now feeling intense malaise about its untimely demise. Bring back Sizzler you cowards.