Gather round friends, foes and former lovers, because TikTok does not rest and neither do I. There’s a brand new food trend popping off at the moment and it involves two ingredients that you would really never think to bring together. Introducing the mustard watermelon trend. You may take this moment now to process that concept.

Yep, mustard drizzled all over a slice of watermelon and hopped into your gob is the latest food trend going ballistic on TikTok.

The app definitely moves at lightning speed when it comes to new popular things to try out. I mean, it was only just this week that a woman recommended we all start drinking lettuce water to help us sleep better. I truly cannot keep up with all the strange things I need to be consuming to stay trendy.

The watermelon and mustard trend comes from TikTok user @yayayayummy, who recommended the strange blend of foods in an absurd vid. However, he was being dead serious, and reckons the flavours of the two foods go really well together.

“It’s so tangy, it’s so vinegary and it matches so well with the watermelon’s sweet juiciness. Trust me this is so good.”

You can watch the full vid for yourself right here.


???? + ???? SOOO GOOD!! #watermelon #mustard #hotfoodtake

♬ original sound – yayayayummy

Naturally, other TikTokers saw the video and started to try this concoction out for themselves. Now, I would try it too but I am in a dire lack of watermelon and mustard, and I refuse to buy either for the sake of a trend. I am, however, intrigued as fuck.

The general consensus on TikTok seems to be that mustard watermelon actually tastes really fkn good. Folks, you hate to see it.


Reply to @alljc DONT DO THAT!???? #mustardwatermelon #mustard #mustardwatermellon #watermelon #watermelonmustard #watermelonchallenge #watermelonmustard

♬ SUNNY DAY – Matteo Rossanese

Queen Lizzo even jumped on the trend, drizzling some yellow mustard on a couple of slices of watermelon to see if the trend is any good.

The end result was just four lonely slices of watermelon and one confused Lizzo. Friends, if Lizzo doesn’t buy into the hype of this TikTok trend, I don’t know if I can.

Will I still try it when I get the chance? Absolutely.


#stitch with @yayayayummy ummmm I ended up just eating it w tajin ????

♬ original sound – lizzo

If you need me I’m gonna be the loser at Woolies carrying a giant watermelon out and balancing a mustard bottle on top as I hit up self-checkout.