It’s been awhile since any other Australian city could truly rival Melbourne when it comes to delicious things to put in your mouth, and the fair southern city keeps on keepin’ on re: delish foods with a new Footscray pub delightfully called Phat Chicks, gearing up to release a divine new monster on the world: Mi Goreng fried chicken.

This Mi Goreng Fried Chicken Is Proof God Is Real & Lives In Melbourne

It’s a proven fact that if you didn’t live off a medically unsound amount of Mi Goreng at some point in your early twenties, you can’t truly call yourself an Australian and such is the nation’s obssession with the 60 cent bag of noodley goodness that we put this guide on pimping out your MG sessions together and you lot frothed it.

But consider even us stoked beyond belief at the concept of combining chicky fry fry with God’s own noodles, I mean look at this inviting little morself of joy:

This Mi Goreng Fried Chicken Is Proof God Is Real & Lives In Melbourne

Owner Jenny Nguyen is the brains behind the beast, combining a proprietary spice blend based on Mi Goreng flavours with motherflippin’ fried bird. 

Urban List also mentions that elsewhere in the West Footscray joint is a god damn Point Blank 2 video game machine (!) as well as heaps of craft beers and your standard Melby pub goodies (mac ‘n’ cheese etc. etc.).

Phat Chicks opens at the end of June, head to their FB for all the updates and go and get yourself that chicken son!

Source: Urban List.

Photo: Facebook / Phat Chicks.