These Swole AF Biggie S’Mores Are Coming For B.I.G’s B’day, Because Why Not

Out of all the tenuous themes that bars and restaurants run with (looking at you, George Constanza bar in Fitzroy), Biggie Smalls feels like less of a stretch given the rapper did love a good food metaphor. 
Not sure how The Notorious B.I.G would feel about Collingwood’s Biggie Smalls Kebabs (who decided to stick away from puns, I guess) or Big Poppa’s in Sydney, but I’m cool to declare that these Biggie S’Mores take the crown.
The back of the club, eatin s’mores, my crew’s behind me
Next week, on Sunday 21 May – what would have been Biggie’s 45th birthday, had he not been killed in a drive-by in 1997 – Sydney’s Love Crepe are going all out in an attempt to break the internet with gelato ice-cream ‘Biggie S’mores’, because why the hell not. 
Novelty bling not mandatory.
Just like how there’s only one B.I.G., owner and life-long Biggie fan Mike Kondilis is sticking to one flavour: a marshmallow gelato smore with biscuit crumbs, Nutella fudge and toasted marshmallow served on a doughnut sourced from Pioki Bakery
It’s a lot to swallow, which feels appropriate for a man named B.I.G. Mike says the flavours are based off Biggie’s “favourite foods”, but there’s definitely a bit of creative licence here. 
Who would have know Life After Death would mean doughnut gelato s’mores? Either way, you were sold at the pun, let’s be honest. And these look real sweet in a “I need a food nap now from two bites” way.
Regular ice-cream cones avail too, if you don’t want to get messy.
Biggie tunez will be blasting all day at Love Crepe, even long after these S’Mores sell out – which, given novelty value alone, shouldn’t be too long. They’re open from 10am at 104 Miller St, Pyrmont: look for the line made of foodies and 90s rap fans.
And if you’re looking to turn Biggie’s b’day into a big bash, on Saturday night Big Poppa’s will play all B.I.G all-night and serve up a grand ol’ Biggie-shaped birthday cake on the strike of midnight. But you’ll still have to head to Melbs for your 3am rapper-themed kebab.
Image: Love Crepe