Theresa May’s Food Wastage Solution Is Scraping Mould Off Jam Like A Psychopath

Look, I am all for a zesty tip when it comes to reducing food wastage. Turn all those Sunday roast bits into an omelette? Here for it. Incorporate some weird back-of-the-pantry ingredient into your stir fry? Why the hell not. Scrape mould off your already-expired jam and then use the contents? ABSOLUTELY NOT, THERESA MAY YOU ABSOLUTE PSYCHOTIC MENACE OF A HUMAN BEING.

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Politics aside – because I know fuck-all about the in’s and out’s of this Brexit stuff and UK politics in general, but did ask the office “do we hate Theresa May?” to which I elicited the response “yeah, she sucks” – this is an unhinged level of chaotic energy. I… hate it? So much.

To give you some background – May mentioned her absolutely fucked “tip” for reducing food waste in a Cabinet meeting, of all places. According to a source who spoke to The Daily MailMay said that she “will not throw away a jar of jam if it has gone mouldy on top,” and instead “she scrapes off the mould and eats the good preserve left underneath”. According to May, once the mould is removed from your jam, it’s ‘perfectly edible’. PERFECTLY. EDIBLE.

She went on to say shoppers should use “common sense” when it came to expiry dates, and that binning your food just because some ~expert~ put an expiry on the side isn’t what should guide you, but whether the food still seems edible.

I mean, I get it in a way – like day-past-expiry milk that doesn’t stink is cool in my eyes, and to be fair as SMH points out, chefs and health experts say if you scrape mould plus a few centimetres below said mould off, the spores won’t have penetrated the rest of the food.

But godDAMN. That is some extreme level of food waste reduction in my eyes. Can’t you just… consume the jam before you buy other spreads? Eat like a shitload of jam sangas in the lead-up to the expiry? Literally ANYTHING besides scraping the mould off?