There’s no denying that we all love a food hack. If there’s a way that we can make cooking or prepping food or anything like that a bit easier and quicker so we can spend more time shovelling the delicious treats into our gobs, we’re extremely all over it. A garlic hack? Now that’s some top-tier shit, people.

This week, footage emerged online of some absolute brain genius peeling a whole head of garlic in record time, and it’s completely melted the brains of every foodie that’s come across it.

It’s fucking hypnotic, an absolute masterclass in garlic prep. I simply refuse to believe that this person is anything less than an actual wizard, and has effectively made me feel like a total idiot for my slow-ass method of break-trim-flatten-peel to get garlic ready for cooking.

The video blew the tiny minds of a lot of food-loving garlic fiends, and the replies are rife with people wondering how this works. What kinda knife is that? Do you have to do anything to the cloves first? Why did I just ruin a whole head of garlic trying this? What the fuck is this dark magic???

Chrissy, my sentiments exactly.

It’s a bloody game changer, people. As someone who ALWAYS uses double the amount of garlic whenever a recipe calls for it, I feel like I’ve wasted so much precious TIME fussing over a bunch of finicky cloves. I could have been doing so much more with that banked time, like…probably planting the garlic bulbs that have sprouted in my kitchen. Or watering my planted babies. Or trying the 80th new technique to not weep heavily while chopping onion.

I dunno about you but I know there’s a whole head of the good stuff in my kitchen right now, and I’m absolutely going to destroy both it and probably my hand trying to peel it. I am merely a sorcerer’s apprentice, but damn it I’m gunna perfect this peeling trick.

Image: Twitter