Too long the corn chip scene in Australia has been dominated by your regulars; your Doritos, your CC’s and your Mission ones if you’re feeling particularly fancy. No more. Tostitos are the newest corn chip challenger in town and they’ve made the leap from those weird specialty American food stores – that seem to stock an insane amount of PopTarts – and into Woolworths from today.

Yep, Tostitos are now on the shelves at your local and with the price that avocados are right now (the good Hass ones, not those crappy Shepard ones, you know I’m right) it’s actually probably deeply illegal that you don’t pick up some supplies today to make an incredible amount of guacamole to snack on this arvo, or just eat for dinner.

The whole deal with the Tostitos chippies is that they’re a specific shape that means they’re good for dipping, which is great for me, a person who managed to break every chip right down at the fingertip whenever trying to dip, meaning I have to go in with a rescue chip to get the first broken one, and more often than not I snap the rescue chip in the dip too and it’s just a whole thing. It’s just…a whole thing.

The corn chippos are here in three flavours; Splash of Lime (ooh fancy), Smoked Chipotle (a bit smoky, a bit spicy) and Lightly Salted (because there’s always one person that loves a plain corn chip). They’re going for $3.99 a bag so there’s your arvo snack sorted.

And who knows, if all goes well maybe we’ll get those corn chip dippy cup ones that I really want because they look so good and maybe I won’t break em all in my guac?


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Image: New Line Cinema