PEDESTRIAN.TV's Selfish Saturday presented by The House of Angostura will be going down at Melbourne's The Timber Yard on Feb 22, from 10am - 5pm. We'll be ending the day with a special Cuervo Spritz Club session, kicking off from 5pm - 8pm. Click Here to snap up tix now.

I hope you like a good spritz folks, because your favourite tequila merchant, Jose Cuervo, is doing one helluva popup in Melbourne on February 22 for Selfish Saturday.

As part of our very own upcoming self-care festival, Selfish Saturday, they’ll be hosting the Cuervo Spritz Club, kicking off at 5pm and serving all manner of delicious bevvies.

While we don’t wanna give too much away just yet, we can tell you that the Cuervo Spritz Club will be getting cosmic, in more ways than one. A custom drinks menu will be tailored to the four astrological elements – fire, wind, earth, and water – introducing y’all to the spiritual side of the event from the get-go.

While there’ll be a ton of delicious custom drinks on offer, you’ll also get to feel the vibrations via a musical journey like no other. Sound cryptic? It sure is, baby!

Some stellar music will be closing out the event, including a DJ set by Banoffee curated with Ashley Bellino – the founder of Stoned Crystals who will be super-charging the set with some cosmic musical accompaniments – so be sure to hang around for some complimentary cosmic cocktails / spritzes and a bit of a boogie to end the day.

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The spacy vibes are open to all-day ticket holders and include four complimentary bevvies. There’ll be bubbles, polaroids and just generally a good bloody time until 8pm, so make sure you’re there to party down.

In case you missed it, Selfish Saturday is happening at Port Melbourne’s The Timber Yard, a huge indoor space that can accommodate 1,500 of you beautiful people. We held the very first Selfish event in Sydney earlier this year, featuring legends like manifestation queen Flex Mami, who will also be in attendance at the upcoming event.

The lineup isn’t totally complete just yet, but there’s tons get excited about already. You’ll get to see presentations like ‘The Sex-Ed You’ll Thank Us For Later’ with Sexologist Chantelle Otten, ‘What’s Good For the Scroll and/or Soul’ with Alex Hayes, ‘The Big Gay Debate’, ‘Don’t Be a Dick: Climate Action & Sustainability’ with Laura Wells, and more.

There’ll also be live music and nude drawing. What’s not to love? If you’re keen to suss it all out, you can grab tickets right here.

See you there, legends. As always, this is open to those over the age of 18 only and please, enjoy responsibly.

Image: iStock / Rimma_Bondarenko