Tell Us The Most Creative Way To Roll A Coopers Tinnie & You May Win A Year’s Supply Of Beer

There are two types of people in the world: those who know the roll, and those yet to be awakened to the truth of the world. I will always remember when I switched from the former to an enlightened roller.

I was at a friend’s 21st, a dual party with her dad’s 60th at a bowl’s club (yes, it was one of the best birthday parties I’ve ever been to). I ordered a Coopers Pale Ale — my go-to to this day — and was astounded to see the bartender (a woman who clearly had seen and experienced things far beyond my understanding even now, years later) put the bottle on its side on the bar and roll it back and forth.

I thought it was a joke; I said nothing, but later a friend more knowledgeable than me explained it was essential. See, Coopers — be it a keg, bottle or tinnie — requires a gentle roll before opening. The ale’s yeast falls to the bottom as sediment when it’s done brewing, but to leave it at the bottom before drinking is, quite simply, a bloody waste. A gentle roll back and forth lets the sediment swim through the beer, unlocking a fuller flavour — and giving Coopers that trademark cloudiness. It’s essential!

If you didn’t know, now you know. And to help you spread the good word, Coopers is throwing a competition to find the most imaginative way of rolling a tinnie to unleash its full flavour. Your reward, should you win? Beyond the beautiful knowledge that you’ve changed the lives and tastebuds of many, you could nab a year’s supply of Coopers.

There are two ways to enter: either tell us the most creative way to roll a Coopers in 25 words or less via the link below, or send in a video showing us for 10 extra entries. Maybe your English teacher was onto something with the whole ‘show, don’t tell’ thing — just enter before 28th December 2022. Full T&Cs here.

And if you need a few practice rolls first, Coopers has created an AR game so you can virtually roll anywhere — with its own chance to win up to $25,000 of prizes. Practice makes perfect.

Tell Us Your Most Creative Way To Roll A Coopers Tinnie & U May Win God’s Nectar For A Year