Indiana librarian and Twitter user @miss_amandamae set social media alight over the weekend when she shared her discovery of a taco-outlined book stain from a few years ago. Taco ’bout crazy, am I right? (Sorry, I shell refrain.)

She’d found the crime scene in the book drop. It seems the book had either been used as a plate or the taco as some sort of bookmark. Either way, my inner neat-freak had a near-conniption.

“Don’t have a bookmark?” she tweeted. “Try using a taco. (Actual photo of an actual book found in the book drop at my library in Indiana a few years back).”

I have subsequent questions. Surely the taco-eater had something better to place the taco on… say, on top of the packaging it came with? Also, there seems to be a bit of lettuce, bean/beef and cheese left over there… surely they would have scooped up the leftovers? Combining the fallen taco remnants at the end is the best part. What a waste. An abomination, I say.

Bookworms and taco lovers have subsequently joined forces in their hatred of the picture. I mean, what a waste of a book and taco remnants. Both deserve equal love and respect.

I hope the noble librarians were able to trace the book back to the culprit and ban their hungry ass for life. #JusticeForTaco

Image: Twitter / @miss_amandamae