Attention Sydney mates, the bells are tolling for you because Taco Bell is finally opening a new store closer to the city. Depending how close you live to the beach, no longer will you have to travel out to Blacktown, or down to Albion Park to live más and hoof down a Crunchwrap Supreme.

Opening up on May 4 (that’s the Star Wars day), the big bell will be ringing in Green Square, where Sydneysiders will be able to get a taste of the cult-fave tacos, burritos, nachos and more. Sydney folk have seen Americans go nuts for the bean bell for years, and mates around the country gorging themselves on the Californian-born eats since 2017, and now it’s coming to their doorstep.

Not only is the store opening next week, it’s kicking things off on the chain’s Taco Tuesday – so I can only imagine how boonta the new store’s going to be next week. Does this mean it’s okay to have a breakfast Crunchwrap when the place opens at like 9.30am? Absolutely.

You could be inhaling one of these in the cold light of day, thank you very much.

To celebrate the opening of the new store, Taco Bell is gonna be doing a bunch of merch giveaways – including Fire hot sauce and ridiculous giant taco hats – for punters who get down there on the day.

The fast food chain is also teasing something totally new on Instagram at the moment too, and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that it’s gonna announce the inclusion of potato in the veggie menu, or maybe one of the cooked US limited edition items, like the Chalupa Supreme, or the seven-layer burrito.

Considering all the posts are moon-related, it’s most likely the Taco Moon promo it launched in America overnight, where it’ll be giving away free tacos on May 4th to coincide with the half-moon lunar event, which the company’s declared as the “Taco Moon”. Basically when the taco moon is the largest and brightest object in the sky, stores will give away free tacos across 20 countries.

In Australia, stores will be giving away free Crunchy Taco Supremes all day on May 4, all you have to do is mention the moon taco, or tell ’em you “saw the moon taco” to unlock a free treat. And if you’re one of the first 20 through the door, you’ll score yourself a free Moon Taco party kit, which I’m praying includes one of those giant taco hats.

Can’t say not to a free taco, I’ll tell you that right now.

Image: Supplied