US Slop Merchants Taco Bell Are Planning An “Explosive” Australian Expansion

Good news, tortilla-enthusiasts. The dipping-of-toes appears to be over for US fast food giant Taco Bell, with the Crunchwrap specialists reportedly circling a particularly aggressive expansion plan in Australia over the coming months.

A while back Taco Bell, famous for daring to answer the question “what if a taco, but two?” begun their bold attempt to conquer Australian palates one more time by opening a single, lone store in the Brisbane suburb of Annerley.

Reportedly, that location is making cash hand-over-fist, if claims from company HQ are to be believed. Liz Williams, president of Taco Bell International, claimed the location is generating revenue that is “several million dollars” higher than the average US franchise.

On the back of that, Williams has asserted that Taco Bell is working with the successful Brisbane franchisee to push “explosive” expansion throughout Australia.

We’re talking to them about some pretty explosive growth. It’s going to be a top market for us.

Taco Bell is reportedly targeting markets that are less saturated by Mexican food than that of the United States, and Australia is fairly close to the bullseye on that dartboard. The company has plans to open over 100 stores outside of the US this year, though there’s no specific details on how many of those are being planned for Australia at this stage.

Taco Bell previously attempted to get a foothold in the Australian market in the 80s and 90s, but consumer apathy saw that one scuttled. A rising taste for precious burrites, however, has them geared up for another tilt in the Antipodes.

There’s obviously no timeline for any planned Australian expansion at this stage, but it might not be terribly long before you can ruin your life on a Double Decker Taco Supreme.

Prep thine guts, folks.