Taco Bell Revealed 2 NSW Stores Are Coming Which Is Huge If You Have A Queso The Munchies

Not to be outdone by the announcement that the first store in Melbourne will be arriving by Summer’s end, Taco Bell Australia has revealed New South Wales is getting not just one, but two glorious, Tex-Mex filled stores of its very own. And more to that, they’ll both be open and operational before summer is even here.

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The American fast food giant has been testing the local waters in Queensland for a solid little while now, slowly expanding via a handful of stores in and around both Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

But the interstate push is well and truly on, apparently, with three stores now confirmed to be appearing across Australia over the coming months.

The latest pair are set to land in New South Wales – one in Western Sydney, the other in Newcastle – reportedly by the end of Spring. As in, “before November 30th.” Which is a wild prospect to consider.

The announcement came on the company’s ever-active social media channels a short while ago.

That means those of you bumming around NSW nursing a wild thirst for a CrunchWrap Supreme will not only not have to cross state lines to get one, but you’ll be able to get stuck into it before anyone in Melbourne can. Which is a rare tick in Sydney’s W column, and you do really love to see it.

There’s no word available on the exact location of the upcoming restaurants just yet, but you might want to start peeling your eyes and stapling your ears to the ground. The time to live más is night.