Taco Bell Will Arrive In Melbourne This Summer So Hunger Is Nacho Problem Anymore

Huge news for those of you kicking about Victoria with a burning desire to get neck-deep in a Crunchwrap: Taco Bell just announced it will be opening its first store in Melbourne at some point during this coming summer.

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The US fast food giant’s newest and most earnest attempt at an Australian expansion has been progressing slowly-but-surely in Queensland thus far, where five locations in and around Brisbane and the Gold Coast have sprung up over the past two years.

This morning, however, the originators of the Gordita Crunch have revealed their first interstate move, with Melbourne now squarely in the franchise’s sights.

The Australian restaurants differ from their slightly more all-over-the-place American cousins thanks to open kitchens, a more involved interior design, and a drinks menu that sports ice cold froth monsters and frozen margaritas which is perfect for those of you keen to observe the holy high Drinko De Beero holiday.

Store openings in Queensland have attracted huge queues of hungry punters all frothing to get their hands on the first batch of stuffed burritos, which has also seen people casually hanging out in giant taco hats like it’s a perfectly normal, ordinary thing to do.

The bad news for those of you keen to start lining up now is that the exact location and opening date for the first Melbourne store is being kept tightly under wraps. The only information available today is that the store will be arriving this summer, and it will be located somewhere within Melbourne’s inner east.

Still, that should be more than enough to get a whole mess of you absolutely filthy to live más.