Taco Bell Just Revealed Its First Two Melbourne Locations & We Are Enchilaughin’

As far as the eastern states go, the summer of 2019-2020 is gonna be one dripped in guacamole thanks to the rapid expansion of Taco Bell beyond the Queensland borders. We already know that NSW is copping its first pair of stores in Western Sydney and Newcastle before the end of the year. But now the details of the US TexMex giant’s Melbourne premiere are a little more clear. And for folks in the inner-city keen to bury their face in a vat of queso, you’re all in luck.

[jwplayer VMBuJfFv]

Taco Bell Australia confirmed that Melbourne’s first two stores will be opening up in South Yarra and Hawthorn at some undefined point this coming summer, with recruiting drives for the inaugural batch of employees currently underway.

Both stores are set to be open “by the end of the year,” but exact timelines and specific locations are a big fat TBD at this point in time, but having a guarantee that you’ll be able to insert an entire CrunchWrap slowly down your gullet without leaving the old Zone 1 is surely music to the ears of all you hungry, hungry punters out there.

The Taco Bell re-expansion into Australia has been a slow burn over the past handful of years, with the format being roadtested at a variety of locations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The move into New South Wales and Victoria comes ahead of a much more aggressive roll-out plan that will reportedly end with stores opened nationwide.

It’s the summer of más, mates. And it’s fixin’ to be a good one.