Here are two absolute, universal truths in life: There is nothing better for the middle class soul than a banging plate of spaghetti bolognese, and anything served inside a cob loaf becomes instantly 50% tastier. So it stands to reason that a bloody hollowed out bread loaf filled with the Italian good stuff is gonna knock you on your flavourful ass. Enter: A cafe in Sydney, who is doing the only right and just thing by combining the two for a dish that is more or less carb heaven.

Young Mug cafe in Revesby is hosting a borderline-holy event this coming Friday in which spaghetti will be applied to cob.

Hungry punters chasing the ultimate cob high can choose from two variations: Your standard, no frills spaghetti bolognese (again, this is being served in a cob), or for the adventurous types who are not afraid of sneezing, a version with meatballs added on top of spaghetti. Presumably, all covered in cheese.

Feast your eyes on it, for god’s sake. It’s MAGNIFICENT.

Enshrine that image in the national museum. Protect it at all costs. Tell future generations of its splendour. And most importantly, give the spag cob to me immediately. Give it to my body. Put it all up inside my mouth at once. Feed me the fucking cob and call me a hungry little piggy. I need it.

If that wasn’t enough, the event also sports an interactive cannoli station, because sometimes when you get to the end of an entire pasta-filled cob you can’t help but think “more food would kick ass right now.”

Bookings are apparently essential so you might want to pick up the blower if you’re keen to eat yourself to a point where you’ll have to roll home.

All glory be to the mighty bog cob.

Image: Instagram / Young Mug