FUCK YEAH: Late-Night Syd Icon Indian Home Diner Has Been Saved After A Huge Effort From Punters

indian home diner saved

It’s finally happened folks! Oxford Street’s iconic Indian Home Diner has been saved after Woollahra Council finally agreed to reverse its decision to ban those delicious, carby late-night Indian kebabs.

The restaurant requested a formal review at a meeting on Tuesday night and was met with good news: after all the hard work by punters to save the establishment, Woollahra Council has finally allowed the diner to trade until 3am on Friday and Saturday nights. Suddenly our fave #5 is in the “public interest” after all — which the council previously denied.

“This could not have been possible without the immense love and support that the IHD community has shown us,” Indian Home Diner’s owners wrote on its FB page.

“We are a small family run business and from the very beginning it has always been about bringing great food to good people.

“That’s all we ever wanted to do! Never did we imagine we would have such an impact on so many lives or that complete strangers would come together like this to rally beside us during our challenging times.”

ICYMI, Indian Home Diner is an iconic late-night stop for Sydney party-goers because of it’s tummy-filling, heart-swelling wraps that will satisfy even the most broken of souls. Butter chicken? In a naan roll? Exactly what you need after you’ve been doofing it up. Or so you’d think.

Woollahra Council found the restaurant had been trading until 3am for the last decade, which was apparently in breach of its development consent. After someone complained (snitches get stitches), the council cracked down on the breach and ruled the restaurant must close at midnight. It cited noise concerns and claimed it was “not in the public interest” for the diner to be open so late. Ummm, that’s not what the public thinks!

Classic Sydney councils trying to exterminate all nightlife like my mum going nuts with a can of Mortein at 3 am.

“Not being able to operate until 3AM will cripple my restaurant,” Indian Home Diner owner Robert Chowdury said at the time. He also explained he couldn’t afford to lodge an appeal by himself.

Bondi Lines, the Instagram account known for sharing info on which night spots have the shortest queues, posted a call out on Instagram for fellow night owls to save Indian Home Diner by donating to its cause.

“Indian Home Diner (IHD) holds a very special place in all our hearts,” the post said.

“Its hand crafted Indian cuisine made with love you can taste makes it the premier late night food hub in the world. Although most famous for it’s #5 Garlic Cheese Naan Kebab with Alloo Chop, it is more than just a restaurant, it is a community.

“The council has just reduced IHDs operating hours to a midnight finish. Not only will you be deprived of your last meal of the night, but there will no longer be the community that is IHD.”

Bondi Lines started a petition to change Indian Home Diner’s hours so that it would close at 3 am at the earliest. As it should.

The page also launched a GoFundMe to compensate Indian Home Diner for any money lost because of its new hours.

Punters everywhere came together to save the diner — even Federal member for Wentworth Allegra Spender called the diner a “national treasure”.

UberEats held a “Rave 2 Save Indian Home Diner” earlier this year which raised funds to lodge the restaurant’s appeal. And, well, here we are today.

Power of the people, huh?