Sydney Council is trying to reduce the hours of everyone’s fave afters spot Indian Home Diner so its doors will shut at midnight — but fans have launched a petition to save it.

Is it really Sydney if the council isn’t trying to exterminate all nightlife like my mum going nuts with a can of Mortein at 3 am? First the bars and clubs, fine, but now we’re coming for Indian diners too!?

Bondi Lines, the Instagram account known for sharing info on which night spots have the shortest queues, has posted a call out on Instagram for fellow night owls to save Indian Home Diner.

“Indian Home Diner (IHD) holds a very special place in all our hearts,” the post writes.

“Its hand crafted Indian cuisine made with love you can taste makes it the premier late night food hub in the world. Although most famous for it’s #5 Garlic Cheese Naan Kebab with Alloo Chop, it is more than just a restaurant, it is a community.

“The council has just reduced IHDs operating hours to a midnight finish. Not only will you be deprived of your last meal of the night, but there will no longer be the community that is IHD.”

Bondi Lines then revealed that it started a petition to change Indian Home Diner’s hours so that it would close at 3 am at the earliest. As it should.

The page has also launched a GoFundMe to compensate Indian Home Diner for any money lost because of their new hours. The Insta account will even get one lucky signer, donater and sharer a three month supply of Indian Home Diner’s fave meals if they can get it back to its OG hours.

Robert, his family and team have been trading for thirteen years in Paddington, do not let this dynasty stop early,” the petition reads.

Long live Sydney’s iconic afters feeds!!! Lord knows we barely have any late night places left in this cursed city.