Put on your best stretchy eating pants Sydney, because the biggest burger festival in the Southern Hemisphere is back for its third year – yep, Burgapalooza is headed back to Parramatta to make you want to drool all over yourself.

Sandwiched between the two soft and fluffy buns of Prince Alfred Square Park on September 22 and 23, Burgapalooza is stacked up with plenty of mouth-watering options from some of the highest-regarded burg lords across Australia. Think limited edition, festival-only creations from the kitchens of BL BurgersDown n’ OutHardstyle KitchenMister Gee’sBurger HeadUme BurgerChef’s Kitchen and Superior Burger

You know the best thing about a burger festival? Pickles. Fuck yeah, pickles are the best and tbh I wanna go to this purely to sample all the pickles from every burger on offer. Think of all the different pickles. Just sling those briney boys straight into my mouth. Big burg with triple pickles, thank you very much.

Sydney’s Getting Its Buns Out For The 3rd Annual Burgapalooza Festival

And for those who are plant-based, most of the kitchens will be bringing vego options as well, and punters with a sweet tooth will be able to chew through a bunch of yet-to-be-announced dessert offerings.

It’s not just all Instagram-worthy, stomach-rumbling burgers for you to ogle over during the festival, either, with a bunch of live music, DJs, stand-up comedy, and live art happening as well so there’s plenty for you to wander around and look at while you’re digesting away your third heart-stoppingly grouse burg of the day.

Burgapalooza is also playing host once again to the Tabasco chilli eating competition, and those who want to put on their best chilli boots and potentially have a completely heat-induced hallucinogenic journey of self-discovery, then sign yourself the hell up to munch down some of that delicious chilli.

Sydney’s Getting Its Buns Out For The 3rd Annual Burgapalooza Festival

And if you need to chill out your tastebuds after that, the bars will be pumping out fizzy drink from Jarritos, the righteous cold one from Mountain Goat, and specially-tailored cocktails by Fireball Whisky and Buffalo TraceMenulog is also setting up a much-needed chill out zone, so you can put your feet up and let your guts do all the work.

Tickets for the lunch and dinner sessions can be grabbed from over HERE, with every ticket including a $15 Menulog voucher, and kids under 12 copping free entry.

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