We’ve all done it at least once in our lives, the dreaded moment where you realise you’ve cooked it something fierce and accidentally hit reply-all in an email and immediately wish for the earth beneath you to swallow you up whole.

Admittedly the possible outcomes of punching out an ill-timed reply-all can range from slight embarrasment all the way up to getting fired cause you inadvertently cc-d in that fucking snitch Roger from Accounts, and this particular yarn falls somewhere in between.
It all kicked off earlier this week when Sydney pub the Unicorn Hotel blasted off their usual newsletter to remind loyal punters of the upcoming Badge Draw but accidentally forgot to blind-cc all 156 email addys.
Bit of a whoopsie sure, but things really started getting juicy when a bloke named Luke, yep you guessed it, replied-all to said newsletter with the intent of having a whinge about his prior treatment by Unicorn bar staff.

Image via WSFM.

Luke, mate, not for the first time it seems, you’ve just straight up shat the bed here.
The expected pile-on commenced with the email chain becoming a hotbed of Luke apologists and supporters, even going as far as to start the hashie #LetLukeIn (nobody explain to them that’s not how hashtags work online).
WSFM, who copped the full emails, note some commented that Luke was “entitled to refreshment”, whilst another pondered the chance of getting a solid “character reference on” the guy.

Image via WSFM.
No doubt thrilled the heat had been taken away from their intial email blunder, The Unicorn Hotel weighed in, offering a peace bargain, as long as Luke was a “good boy”.
Image via WSFM.
Looks like it’s all gonna end well for Lukey boy. Yes he was publically called a creep by an establishment, but he got a free shnitty out it, and at the end of the day isn’t that what any of us want?
Make it a parmy Luke, you’re worth it.

Source: WSFM.
Image: The Unicorn Hotel.