Boozy Soft-Serve Is A Thing Now & It Definitely Beats Adding Cheap Vodka To A $2 Slushie

Now that the days are longer and there’s more time to laze around in the sun and ignore all of our responsibilities as functioning adults, a bar right on Sydney harbour is whipping up booze-infused soft-serve sorbet to keep you chill and tipply through the increasing warmth.

[jwplayer WAQmpNlf]

Yep, the hugely popular Opera Bar has welcomed two spiked soft-serves into its menu from now until the start of November, so you can double-park yourself without looking like you’re actually double-fisting gin and tonics all day. The perfect crime.

Working with Bombay Sapphire, the bar is whipping up a tonic with lemon flav–essentially an edible g&t thank you yes please–and the ‘Aviation’ cherry violet option, if you’re more into something a bit more than the classic fave.

Let’s be real, these cheeky sorbets are a bit chicer than just getting a Slurpee from Sevs and topping it up with cheap vodka. It’s like the next level up from that but you can take it in the bar without looking like a cheap-ass binch (which I definitely am.)

Alongside the soft-serve sorbet sippers, Opera Bar are doing a whole range of spritzes, which we all know is the allocated Beverage of Sydney as soon as the weather turns good.

You can grab a cup of the good stuff for $12 until November 3, they’re the equivalent of one (1) drink if you’re a sip-counter, and find yourself a spot in the sun to soak it all in. Perfect spring afternoon activity, tbh.