Super Hyped Melb Restaurant Chin Chin Is Opening In Syd Next Freakin’ Week

Sydney has long since conceded the culture wars to our southern sis Melbourne (thx for that Mike Baird you prick) and thus now can only really imitate, borrow and flat out steal all the good shit Melbs has, in order to regain some much-needed cool points.

Next on our list of thievery is South-East Asian fusion restaurant Chin Chin, which has very quickly become one of those places that, well, to put it in a way I’ve heard more than once: “omg you just HAVE to visit when you’re in Melbs I FUCKING DIED”.

The mega hyped outlet has been getting ready for its expansion to the Harbour City and as the Urban List reports, is set to open its Surry Hills doors next Monday October 2nd.

Inhabiting the Griffith Teas Building on Goulburn Street, Chin Chin Sydney will bring to our fair city all the favs you froth, including chilli-salt chicken wings, jungle curry, and whatever this delicious monstrosity is:

Chin Chin Syds (my, that’s fun to say out loud) will also include a 100-seater bar called GoGo for all your cocktail delights.

Head to their site for all the other goss and we’ll see you there next week Sydders.