PEDESTRIAN.TV has teamed up with Subway to fill ya bellies with yummy sangas.

It’s fair to say that by now, we’re all slowly settling into self-iso life.

We know that wearing the same pair of pyjamas for 73 consecutive hours is bad. Joining a Google Hangout meeting approximately 8 minutes after you’ve woken up is not so hot. There is no reason to spend this time rewatching Glee. 

Luckily, if you’re looking to spice up your new-found daily schedule, the sanga slingers at Subway are offering up free delivery on UberEats, so I guess it’s footlongs all round for your Facetime-lunch meet up today.

If you’re ready to fill ya belly with a hearty roll, hop on UberEats and pop in the delivery code “SUBWAYATHOME” for any order over $15, to bask in the glory of an impending cheap feed.

The thought of the waft of pillowy, oregano-sprinkled bread and fixings dancing through your living room whilst you’re joined virtually by friends to offer up a giggle in this time of uncertainty is pretty damn wholesome if you ask me.

Subway Are Slinging Free Delivery On UberEats So Sangas All Round For Lunch

This deal also includes their new range of Parmi subs that dropped recently, so if you haven’t had a chance to wrap your gob around one of those yet we’d say there has never been a more perfect time to indulge.

Chokka-block with succulent chicken, tangy Napoletana sauce and cheese, it’ll absolutely warm the cockles of your heart – just make sure you do a sauce-stain check before any scheduled video calls.

Subway Are Slinging Free Delivery On UberEats So Sangas All Round For Lunch

So, after you’ve hit that contactless delivery option, gladly revel in a responsible socially distanced lunch that has ultimately, saved you cash and excelled in flavour.